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    How could i improve it? Could you help me please. And I have limited php skills and xtra help would be nice.

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    Seeing as how your site will most likely be targeted towards the younger people, you should definitely add more graphics and colour to spice things up a bit. Otherwise, it looks too dull and people won't be interested in registering.

    Take a look at:

    It's a site I used to visit. I'm not too fond of their colour scheme, but their graphics and pets are *very* cute. If you want people to sign up for your site, you should at least provide previews of what the pets look like. The please login or register link doesn't look too appealing.

    Hope this helps!

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    Definately more bright images.. well I mean, not BRIGHT, but bright colours.. *yes i am canadian... notice the u*

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    Interesting, that game you downloaded from didnt you? If so, you must keep there information at the bottom.

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    I agree it definitely needs the graphics and colors...the layout is simple and clear though so since it is probably geared toward children it is well made, just needs brightening up so people are interested...

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