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Thread: rsync errors

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    rsync errors

    rsync: recv_generator: failed to stat "/usr/home/dave/server1/etc/apf/doc/COPYING.GPL": Permission denied (13)
    rsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/usr/home/dave/server1/etc/apf/extras/dshield" failed: Permission denied (13)

    I am getting around 20 of these errors with different files inside /apf on the daily rsync emails. I'm not sure if I should change the permissions for the subdirectories in /etc/apf it's set to 0640, probably for a good reason since these are the only folders with permission denied message. Also, does cpbackup backup the /var and /usr partitions as well? Rsync is taking data from /backup (cpanel backups to this partition on my 2nd HDD).

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    Perhaps you should run rsync as a user with more permissions? If you don't like running it as root, try adding the user it does run as to all the groups you have.

    I cannot answer your cpanel backup question, have you tried cpanel support?

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    do you mean run rsync on the client side as root or on the receiving end (server) ? I can't be running as root on the receiving end since it's an account on

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    Hello ANewDay,

    This is a common error that many people get when using Rsync to back up files to a remote non-root account. The 640 permissions on the /etc/apf directory prevent file listing by any user other than root on the remote system, and therefore you get 'permission denied' when trying to update its contents. Most people prefer to ignore the error for /etc/apf, but if you see it for a folder that actually contains important files that need to be backed up, you may want to take action by changing the permissions to include the owner execute bit on the folder.
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