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    * Host provider with no MySQL traffic limits

    Have setup a hosting bussiness to do with bulk messaging.. {not a spammer }

    been trying many hosts and it seems that they all have somehow some restrictions when i executed request to send out messages..
    i may have 3000 records at one time to process and the mysql seems to timeout and only process a portion of them 20-30%.
    So i'm forced to break them into differerent batches 6 or 7.. and then execute each one of them seperately.

    Now what I'm looking for is to find out what this delay or timeout could be caused by, how can I measure this on a host before signing up? or what hosting provider has no restrictions in the way the mysql db can process and send data out.

    Any tips will greatly be appreciated.
    {since Im hosting several sites and clients, require a reseller plan}


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    maybe it's cause you don't have an index on your table, this can be why you time out

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    php scripts timeout after 30 seconds normally.

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