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    * Limited Offer! Double Resources!


    If you order our budget hosting you will get all resources DOUBLED!

    This offer ends on Tuesday (11/6)

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    Question MySQL Databases

    How many MySQL Databases and allowed MySQL Database space? I can't find it listed any where...


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    The number of databases is the same as the number of pop3 accounts which is 10 for this limited offer.

    The number of forwarders, subdomains, ftp accounts etc is always the same as the number of pop3 accounts. We are sorry that itīs not listed anywhere, we will list it in the very near future.

    100 MB Space
    1000 MB Bandwidth
    10 POP3 Email
    10 Forwarders
    10 Subdomains
    10 Mailing lists
    10 MySQL databases

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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    I forgot to say that the space for databases and other files in your account is shared. All your resources share this space which in the limited offer is 100 MB.

    So if you have a homepage thatīs 1 MB you have 99 MB left for databases and other things.

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