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    WHAT ? Fasthosts reseller program

    Anyone come across or currently a reseller for
    Look at their reseller program of unlimited domain hosting with unlimited spaces, bandwidth, subdomain, ftp and so on ..... Is this true??

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    I suggest looking around and doing some research into any host that offers unlimited resources. It simply is not possible.

    I personally have had a very short and regretable relationship with Fasthosts about two years ago. I advise looking elsewhere. The domain registration company, (part of the Fasthosts company), is just as bad. They have a habit of taking your money and not providing the services.

    We have had quite a number of refugees come from Fasthosts.

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    My understanding is that they delete resellers who use more than 5GB per month across all the domains they host.
    That was certainly their policy last year.
    They also charge extra for control panels so there is actually a
    per domain charge

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    Yep, I agree with Superdon. I would think twice before signing up with Fasthosts. We also are getting many ex Fasthosts clients. What you should also keep in mind is that they charge extra for each control panel (per domain), FrontPage extesions, Stats, mySQL/ msSQL databases...etc so you will end up paying more then advertised.

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