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    * Getting the ball rolling ...

    Hi guys,,

    Before I go asking questions, I thought it best to introduce myself ... my screen name is policefreq, I am not nor do I claim to be a cop. Policefreq the name started back in 95ish ... when I had got my first police scanner, however living in a VERY rural area, frequencies were hard to come by, turns out the big book doesn't serve towns with 1,000 or less. So I went out and gathered up frequencies anywhere I could, then policefreq was born, it was a simple geocities page with tons of frequencies for people in my area. Since its such a unique name I still use it to this day.

    I am a heavy poster on DS, a MOD on 2 forums, and a member of one private forum. But lately the forums are taking a turn for the worse ... they are being hit hard by powers higher than us, and uncle Sam has a long arm in this.

    So anyway I'm going out on my own ... starting my own forum, and a certain admin from DS recommends that I do some reading here, so here I am.

    I want to do this fast, and learn as I go. But I also want to do this right ... so any help that I can get here will be highly apreacheated.


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    There's plenty of readin' to do around here, policefreq.

    Welcome to the machine.

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