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  1. #1 is free with unlimited storeage?

    OK.. I know this isn't for webhosting and stuffs. So, how is this possible you can store unlimited files? what kinda business it this?

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    they simply lie

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    There is a catch to it. You can only download 50mb a week if you're using their free account.

    They are probably assuming that with such a tight limit set, most people will not want to use them for file storage since they'll have trouble taking out their files when they really need them, and will be forced to switch to a paying account just to do that.

    Otherwise, it's pretty much bad business practice to let people store all they want. Who knows - they might just have a "oops - server outrage - all data lost" just to find an excuse to clear out people overusing their resources.

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    Please dont assume the worst. That just shows that you're ignorant on how they work.

    Unlike freedrive or xdrive who are more than con-artists themselves (tehy sell your information to 3rd parties and spam you to hell), Streamload has NEVER ever been a disappointment to me or the thousands that use it.

    Yes for free, you have a limit. Well, even the pay ones have limits. They have to. To keep the service ad free, they weigh the options. Its a good place as any to store files that you may want to share. Their sharing networks is 10 times better than that of services before.

    I have over 200 GB of files stored at Streamload and I've been with them for nearly 2 years. Even before they went to pay. No server outages, many upgrades that for those who pay, benefit them in the end. I could never store those extra files anywhere if I even tried.

    Of all the online storage sites around, they have beaten everyone hands down.

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    I've been using Streamload for a year now and very happy with their service. Very easy to share some files with your friends. -Quality Web Hosting & Reseller Plans
    Web Hosting Since 1999
    Toll Free 1-866-307-HOST

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    Okay, my bad

    Anyway, I did have a streamload account once, but somehow they deleted it or something - it was gone when I tried to find it a week later. That was about a year back or so...

    Created a new one - thank goodness there wasn't too much inside the account.

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