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    In america we get a CGI bin and in the UK they get PHP4U/MySQL (Im jealous lol). Isn't this the same company? And isn't angelfire part of lycos too? I think they should all work together because all three of them suck (and if you read on the page they use that unlimited word again

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    chk out multimania they get a lot of crap

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    956 and ip address

    also i know sum1 who used to host with them and i was an admin of thier forum it was really slow and down a lot

    also i asked at thier tech support forums 1ce (Im in australia they allow any1 to signup) if they are same company and they said thier not affilated justsame name

    also thier PHP4U is 4.1.0 and has lots of restrictions:p
    oh and thier mysql is really unreliable

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    weird i didnt have problems with them

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    Just so you know I haven't used tripod since newbie days other than to put a quick demo of a site up =)

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