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Thread: Flash or DHTML

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    Flash or DHTML

    Will you tell me what you prefer on a menu, basic flash, or a dhtml rollover?

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    It depends on the site I guess. If it is a business site I would have to say DHTML. If people can't load something then consider that a lost sale. Seeing how flash requires a plugin and some people won't have it. If it is just a mess around site and there's nothing to lose then flash all the way.

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    k...thanks for the advice...

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    I agree if there is nothing to loose then go with flash, i love the stuff. However flash can be 'load' boring, takes time to load. If things take to long to load i usually head to the next site and never look back
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    well...this is just a prototype site...i don't plan on starrting this biz for a LONG time...but go to: and tell me how long it takes to load please cuz i have 3 little pics and 5 flash buttons(all the same)...i can't get my buttons to work as links though and i have the anchor tags setup right...any advice on that?

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    I'm on AOHELL and the site takes way too long to load, lost track cause I started to do something else.

    As for Flash vs. DHTML, I would go with neither for navigation, I prefer straight HTML with simple CSS to spice it up, that way there is no load time and it is cross browser compatible. I mean what happens if you have a Flash nav and the user doesn't and can't have Flash on their computer? Now they have no way to navigate your site. -- coming soon to an internet near you...

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    yeah i know...i am just playing around though for this only takes me 1-2 seconds to load...what is your connection...i have 2.4 mbit down cable...that could very well be the difference...

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