I'm actually in web hosting, because my customers made me. I did a lot of research and made many vist's to thewhir.com because I knew nothing about it . I then got hooked up with several different reseller programs because customers had different needs and I knew nothing about managing a server.

I have since built a server and began hosting from my T1 at work because my customers were all complaining about downtime. I have a mentality of "If you don't like it, do it yourself." I always used the TOS of my resell providers and made that policy for my customers. Now that I have my own server, using my own bandwidth, I can't use the TOS or AUP of anyone above me.

I have a prepaid lawyer who I went to and said "I need a TOS for my hosting customers." His reply was I needed to find a lawyer in the computer industry. Again, I think this may be something I can pull off myself and then let a lawyer read through it to make sure it is legal.

Here is my question: Does anyone have a TOS that I can pick out some good lines? Or are there any sites that have like a template? I don't want to buy a premade one, or use someone elese's. I just want to look at a couple GOOD examples and pick out some good parts. I'm going to rewrite it to fit me, but sites that I have looked at for examples like Verio, OLM, etc have TOS's that span miles.

I would like to thank everyone, I appreciate your help and advice.

Thanks... Jeremy