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    How many clients do you get a day? and how long have you been in the business

    Im justwondering if it takes long on hosting? Ive started a week ago and have only 2customers.

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    we are in our third year, we get x number per day, I put 'x' on the basis that no matter what I put here would anyone believe it, whether it be 1 or 100, as I probably wouldn't!

    What I can say is that its much tougher to get new clients today than it was when we started and having a good client base helps me sleep at night, I wouldn't like to be starting out today.

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    Some suggestions from customer's POV:

    1. Put your company in your sinature

    2. Post some special "grand opening" offersin the offers board

    3. Spread by word of mouth, in your home town. Contact local businesses, offer a free trial, or soemthing to get them started.

    4. Be patient, you're not going to get 10000000 customers too soon.

    5. Search the the requests board, you may have to make some compromises, but you'll come out on top if you have a good business stragegy, don't under charge people, and be fair.

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