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    What prices should you be looking for?

    free .uk Domain
    100 mb Fast Linux Webspace
    1 gig Bandwidth per month
    2 MySql Database's
    10 Web User Accounts
    Private FTP
    ASP Scripting
    PHP4 Scripting
    CGI Scripting
    SSI (Server Side Includes)

    Real Time Statistics
    10 Pop3/SMTP Email Accounts
    Online Control Panel
    WebMail (via webmail.yourodmain)
    Unlimited FTP access
    CGI-BIN For Perl & C
    Password Protected Directorys
    PHP 4
    SSI - Server Side Includes
    Frontpage Extensions
    Email Virus Protection
    Customised Error Pages

    how much should this be? thanks in advance

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    I don't think there is any clear answer, as it also depends on other factors such as customer support, and how many sites are hosted per server (just a few examples). Generally speaking though, you should be able to find a reasonable host which offers most of those features for about £10 a month or less, including good support. - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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    Hi, it sounds like you are looking at a UK based hosting provider, so I would guess from £50.00- £150.00 per year. Also worth asking if they are resellers or they have there own servers.

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    $5-7 will cost in US.
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    oh so i should get a good deal then - £25 if I pay in one go or £10 quarterly and £5 monthly

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    If you can get all that for £25 per year, then its a very good deal. Again, ask if they are resellers or hosted on their own servers.

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    I know its a reseller at the moment - but they say they will go to their own sever soon

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    I would say about $5 - $7 / mo as well.

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