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    Exclamation Attention all web hosts

    Hello, we are in the process of creating a Book Keeping program (like QuickBooks) especially for web hosts use. Please answer the poll above with yes or no. Also list off the features you would like to see in this program.

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    Really not a very logical question

    Would we buy a program you are going to create....

    We all have no earthly idea unless we are incredibly happy with our current solution in which case the answer would be no. But, would be buy an unseen, undescribed software....who knows..

    Would be more beneficial to you to simply ask the features which would encourage one to buy.

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    We would be interested in some type of accounting program to help keep track of our customers and accounts. We do it all in Excel now but it is not very pretty. We do not want anything on-line though. We would like to enter the information off-line so we can store their CC #'s and other personal information.

    Let us know.. I would have to agree with Incognito it would be better to ask what people want before putting a new program out for sale. This forum has everything from new hosters to seasoned professionals.


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    Yes the program will be windows based of course. Just list off features which you would like to see in this type of program.

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    I would providing it suits my needs.

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