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    Cheap Dedicated Wndows 2000 hosting anyone?

    I am looking for a hosting company to host Everest Enterprise.
    This they tell me requires Terminal access or PC Anywhere to install it on the server. Does anyone know of a company willing for me to install Everest on a virtual Windows 2000 account or if this is not possible a cheap Windows 2000 hosting acount?

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    46 does offer cheap win2k dedicated server hosting for a reasonable price

    btw, they offer great support too

    but of course there are others out there that you can choose from

    which one is the best = i do not know as i personally have not had experience with all of them


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    you should check out, or managed windows dedicated servers. As an alternative for PC remote software, you may want to check out radmin software.. (I think it costs below $30 per server licence)

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