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    We're seeking at PHP/MYSQL programmer

    We're looking for a PHP/MYSQL programmer to code us a signup script. At this time all we would is the basic signup script to collect the relevant information (name address etc) the script would calculate the total cost of the package (domain name, monthly yearly etc) and have all the details passed (including cc numbers) to a mysql database.

    There would be an admin area to view all the order details, add pakages etc.

    There could be but not essential the ability for the script to automatically choose the correct package ordered from a link say on the order button on a certain package.

    Then later on we would like planetpayment intigration.

    If you are experienced enought to carry out this task please email me at [email protected]

    The budget for this project is $100, if you can do it drop me an email or PM me.

    [email protected]

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