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    DNS Control Panel's?


    I have been thinking for a while about setting up some sort of web based DNS control panel - where clients could buy hosting on our nameservers for their domains (as primary, but also secondary for them...)

    This isn't a post about my plans - but more about what exists at the moment to see if it is an idea worth of further thought. I know there are the addons panels such as Plesk, etc - But I wondered what exists purely for DNS.

    Bill B.

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    Are you looking for commercial scripts or free scripts?

    There are a number of these over on SourceForge, some that work with BIND and some with djbdns.

    Which type of nameserver do you plan to run?

    The djbdns website has some links to tools that work with it.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    In a way, I was thinking of both.

    Either buy a commercial product and use that to resell services, or use free scripts to put together something myself - or just write my own (which i have programming skills to support - just time is a problem)

    Depending on the way it is approached - if I write my own, it would support Bind / djbdns - probably running djbdns, then think about selling it as a product - but if going for the bought product, I would go along with whichever server they recommended / worked with.

    Out of interest - do you think there is a need for something like this if it was going to be done with selling as a product in mind, or is it not worth it?


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    You must be referring to ..

    If your an asp programmer there are dll's to use win2k's DNS server!!!
    ..WMI DNS Provider . Not really the easiest thing to use . But gets the job done :-)
    - A Full Featured Windows 2000 Server Hosting Control Panel... "simple but effective"

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    I know :-)

    I know about that dns com. Microsoft has written a control panel that uses it.
    I think you can download it free.

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