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    I want that I become a reseller

    Any company a beautiful advises me

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    okay, none of your posts are making anysense. I can tell English is not your native language but could you please enlighten me as to what you're trying to get accross?

    btw, If you're learning english don't use translators like babelfish because they never work, because that's what I think you're doing. (who knows...)

    Have a nice day,

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    It's actually (probably) easy to understand what he is trying to say.

    "He is looking for a reseller account, can anybody recommend a good company out here for this"

    I am sorry that people are making fun of him because of his language barrier. It'sreally showing others how professional you actually are especially since it's not that hard to understand what he is looking for.

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    Back to topic, some companies you probably would like to take a look: Ventures Online, McHost,, Voxtreme, and there are many others I believe others can direct you to.

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    Maybe hes looking for a hosting compny which is run by beautiful people Seriously, I think FHDave has got it about right. I think hes looking for suggestions.

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