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    SRS and DNS IP Changes

    Had nothing but trouble with so I'm planning on going with a SRS reseller.

    So my question - does the SRS domain system allow you to update the IP numbers of a registered DNS entry?

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    Are you referring to updating your nameserver IP address, or the IP of your domain within a nameserver?

    If the former, yes, the Domain Manager control panel gives you complete control of any nameservers based on your domain.

    If the later, no, there is no actual DNS management provided by default by OpenSRS - though many OpenSRS resellers offer DNS services directly.

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    Yes I was referring to updating nameserver IP addresses. My current register doesn't allow this direct as you have the bother of contacting support so they can make the changes. Although updating IP of nameservers is obviously not something done regularly, having the ability to make these changes is something I personally need. Glad to here SRS allows this at the customer level.

    Now I just need a decent SRS to use - perhaps 000domains.


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    If your moving your domains from registerfly then you'll need to make sure these are unlocked before changing over. The changeover will fail at 000domains end if not and you could be charged a fee.

    Unlocking your domain will need to be done via registerfly support though.
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    Domain Locking is becoming common now at many registrars, but there are two configurations that are driving us nuts.

    The first is when the registrant cannot unlock the domain themselves. What generally happens is they initiate the transfer, approve it via email, then it times out because it's locked.

    The reason the transfer fails is not clear, so we have to contact the losing registrar and find out why it failed. Eventually either us or the registrant find out that the domain was locked, and now have to get the attention of support at the losing registrar to unlock the domain and start over.

    The second is at, where they will unlock the domain if you pre-approve the transfer at Joker before you attempt the transfer - but this pre-approval is only live for a very short time before the domain locks itself again. This makes the timing of the transfer request critical. Miss the window, you have to wait a week and start it all over again.

    Frustrating for everyone involved, let me tell you. Makes for no profit in the transfer world as well, unless of course you charge for failed transfers...

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    Originally posted by thewitt
    though many OpenSRS resellers offer DNS services directly.
    Could you post their URLs, please?

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