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    What is Spam?....

    Ok, maybe im just confused.. but tell me if the below senario is spam or not.

    Person A = Me
    Person B = Other Person

    The Story:

    Person B posts on WHT asking for assistance in hosting a now well known project amongst Person A ( Me ), writes to Person B and offers them the assistance. Person A gets turned down, no problem. A couple of months later, person B replies again to the same message advertising there services ( Not a paid service, but none the less a service ). Person B did not personally address the email, and the email seems to be a general advertisement meant for there mailing list.

    Is this Spam? or am I just a bit to touchy? Does me offering my service ( which were asked for ), give them the write to put me on a list of sorts or to contact me whenever something new pops up? Feed me your thoughts!

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    I'd say it's spam... Unsolicited Email.

    I think you should track person b down, and hit them with a 2x4. Works everytime.
    what is all this now?

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    2x4.. I'll keep that in mind.

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