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    Need a designer for my website. Newbie welcome

    I have my own template, but need someone to link and have some add-on. Example: link to paypal, auto generate email, etc. Whole site will be about 10 pages, maximum 15 pages. I going to setup a hosting company base on my reseller account.

    You are required to create tables, input texts, create links, domain search link, paypal link, registeration form, catch IP capability. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I NEED TO INTEGRATE PHPMANAGER FOR ORDERING. My template can be located here This is a free template, so link back is required.

    Pls PM me your offer. I do have a budget, preferably for less than $100, but would like to hear what you can offer. I will show you the template which i have uploaded if you are interested to take up the offer.
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    Hi Raydon,

    If you are not in a rush please send me a PM
    <:<: [Fruit eating linux administrator]

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    He.....he...HE STOLE MY NAME!!!

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