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    Well i want a site review... speak your 2 cents.

    It's a semi-entertainment site... anyone know the best way to get more traffic...but grab the viewer so they'll stay.. (don't say porn)...

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    The site looks alright. It looks like I have a black and white monitor...

    Not sure I know what excactly what the site is about...seems like a little bit of everything.

    But currently I don't have any looks cool.
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    The layout of the site looks pretty good, but IMHO, it would look better with more viberant colors. Gray/Black is not really my type of colors ;-)

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    The headers for the links in the sidebars look cruddy to me. Save them as GIFs and they'll be clearer without much change in size. Same goes for your navigation bar.

    I typically like B&W with color accents (ie: The icons you've chosen to use), but yours just seems slightly off. I'd re-evaluate what you're trying to accomplish with the color. If you're trying to draw attention to important bits, make the general nav stuff *all* B&W. Your IM icons are disconcerting, you might switch them to grayscale and have them in color only on mouse overs.

    I would also recommend not using color mouseovers for your text links. If you're going to have a B&W layout, you need to commit to it completely. Use color much more sporadically.

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    Visually it looks nice. I don't know what the site is about and why would visitors repeat visit the site. You probably have to make the purpose more clear. If it is a site for just your friends to keep in touch with one another or a band or ?

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