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    I need an Account Creation Script for CPANEL - $100 job

    I am looking for a PERL/PHP programmer who is able to come up with a script that creates accounts in CPANEL/WHM.

    $100 for anyone being able to do it!

    Basically, I need a script similar to the one found at:, however I don't need all the features provided by that script (e.g.Paypal/automated payment scheme). I just need a simple thing that will create a users account automatically in cpanel...

    Payment of $100 USD will be made via PayPal or via wire transfer..

    references on how to create such a system:

    Please MSG me for more details.

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    create accounts,

    Log into your WHM to create accounts.


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    I think you will find phpmanager does all that stuff and its alot less then $100.

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    I can code you a customized sign up form.

    contact me on AIM: hotice006

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