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    Talking Design

    What do you guys think of the design? Any suggestions, oppinions, ideas, or pure hate?

    Dan Ushman
    Co-founder & CMO
    SingleHop, Inc.

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    It looks like an infomercial, is that what you want it to look like?

    The top graphical portion could use some work. Sometimes staggered edges look good, but yours look like the site isn't being rendered right. It looks like more of a mistake than a design decision.

    Your big set of pliers isn't telling me much. If you don't hold my attention and educate me as to what you're trying to do, odds are I'll be gone in under 30 seconds. That ad looks geared towards driving people to the site (like a banner ad would) instead of educating the people who's attention you have and need to hold. It's imperative that you hold their attention, and you need to offer some juicy tidbits of information to do that. Of your frontpage hits, what percentage click through to the tour?

    Other than that, it looks reasonably useful.

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