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    The best of the following...

    Hi, I'm starting a webhosting company and set out to start it up and have it up and running for people to signup in August/September. I've been working on it and researching it for the past few months since I want everything right by the time it goes up since there is nothing worse than a half finished webhosting company, or one finished-but a second rate job has been done.
    I've done a lot of things which I read I must do, but some of the things there are a variety of choices for; and a lot of the choices are all good or all equally to the same. Well anyway, some of the things I don't know which to use are for the Control Panels, the Billing Software, the SSL certificates.

    Control Panels
    I currently will be using Ensim, I don't plan on having PlesK although I may do if people request it. My main thoughts are, which is better out of Ensim, HSPhere and CPanel? I know a lot of hosts use either Ensim or CPanel, but so few use HSPhere and have used HSPhere before and loved it. Now, which Control Panel do you people think is best, and does anyone know where I can get a place to install HSPhere?

    Billing Software
    I only know about 2CheckOut and ReveCom (PaySystems), and am unsure which is best. First off, does anyone know of any other types of billing software or do you guys only know about 2Checkout and PaySystems (ReveCom), Plus which do you people think is best? I've worked it out that I'd save move the most by using 2CheckOut for the monthly payments and PaySystems for the yearly; but I think that'd be too much hassle. So does anyone here either know of another billing software similar or can anyone tell me which they think is best? (I know the more recent webhosts use 2CheckOut while the older ones use PaySystems but am unsure as to which is best)
    Also, with one of these two credit card processors I plan to use phpManager as well, can anyone here give me any thoughts or views on using phpManager with one of the credit card processors I may use?

    SSL Certificare
    Currently the only ones I am interested in is Thwate and GeoTrust. I was wondering, does anyone here know which is better? GeoTrust is more expensive than Thwate, but I see more webhosts have Thwate certificates. So can anyone tell me which is best or are they practically the same?

    This is everything I currently need to know.
    Thanks for your help guys
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    Online Customer Support
    I was going to be using ClickChatSold but have seen a lot of unhappy people on these forums using it. I have come accross PHPLiveHelper. Does anyone know how good this is? I have seen the demo and it looks rather good, but has anyone here used it and can give me some of their views and thoughts?
    Thank you.
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