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    VO New Dedicated Servers


    What do you think of VO new dedicated servers ?


  2. Not much bandwidth

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    512MB would also be nice as well w/o having to upgrade to the next plan.

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    50 Gig....

    That 50GB might not get ya very out!

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    I think you people are to used to the 400 GB bandwidth deals. 50 GB is a fair amount of bandwidth! Especially for the quality service VO have been known to provide.

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    I'm glad I got my VO dedicated last year

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    Not every provider has to give >400 GB bandwidth with a server. Their servers start a $199 including 50 GB bandwidth, which is a great price for such high quality support & bandwidth.

    VenturesOnline is a highly respected company, I've heard great things about them. Sure they are more expensive than Rackshack, but you will great server with top notch support and a high quality network.

    Just my 2 cents

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    You guys have to remember... those are high quality servers from a high quality company. I am very impressed with VO's new offering. I mean, 1.26ghz p3 with 36gb scsi drive and 512mb ram for $269 ? that's a hell of a deal!!!

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    I would say, at least 75GB-100GB on those plans, 50GB is way too little, i mean you want some extra left over just in case

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    Very nice servers - remember they are SCSI ! and not the old ones! Prices are attractive I would say

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    Hey.. if you guys can run your servers within 50gigs a month.. more power to ya... but many sites use a lot more than that and wouldn't even be able to consider 50gigs.

    If it fits your needs... be happy. We now have 5 servers (4 with 400gigs) and one unmetered, and rackshack and FDCServers have proven to be a nice solution for us.

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    You can't compare a server from Rackshack (no service, many complaints, most are low end servers) with a server from VO (very good service, happy customers).

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    you guys are indeed in another planet

    those are great prices, and very good amounts of bandwidth, people need to make a distiction that not everybody is offering you the same deal as rackshack
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    Due to recommendations of VO, I'm now moving my coloc over there. Lucky for me, they are 200 feet from my place of work, and 5 miles from my house.

    Their people are excelent,

    Their facility is top notch,

    And their bandwidth is great. And heck, it's 1/2 what I was paying at the coloc facility that drenched my server in AC Coil water.

    I wish I could move there in sooner than 30 days *sniff sniff*

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    To everyone who thinks RS is now the standard and you can't believe everyone does not give away 400 GB servers.

    Boo hoo. Gee, that BMW is too much. Goss, i wanted a bigger house. That restaurant burger is more then the $.49 McDonalds burger ......blah - blah - blah.

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    Those look like pretty nice deals, 50 GB is pretty ample.
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