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    Iīm thinking about creating a new hosting directory, yes I know that thereīs already thousands of them but I donīt want this to be like any other.

    I want to create a fair hosting directory where honesty and clients experiences will be top priority.

    Therefor I would like to ask everybody here for help, what do you think would be great features?

    I would like to have opinions from both hosts and people looking for hosting.

    I want to create something new, not a place for the companies with big budget to advertise, a place for all good and reliable hosts and serious people looking for hosting.

    Some basic things will be:

    1. NO unlimited bandwidth or space plans allowed.
    2. Ranking in search results will not depend on the amount of money spent.
    3. Hosts who has proven themself to be reliable and honest will get more benefits.
    4. The directory will actually be two directories, one for hosting and one for other web services.

    Please come with suggestions and opinions, help me help you.


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    very novel idea, if you need a nice design, send me an e-mail!


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    Well you should let the user be able to decide rank in whichever order they want, like least to most money, most reputable companies, etc.
    Maybe use a 5 star measurement for all the fields, etc.
    Also, I like your idea, one for web services. Haven't see many of those before.

    Good luck on your project!

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    Have a nice design.

    Make sure you have a good design for your website. That's how it works these days..

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    Thank you all for the suggestions!

    Users will be able to choose which way they want the companies to be listed.

    Good design, clean and simple, not too much ads.

    Five stars measurement for all fields.

    Any more suggestions?

    Do you think a ten stars measurement would be better? It would make it easier to see small differences between different companies.

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    I think that if a company gets bad reviews, say if your using a 5 star system, under 2 stars, It gets removed or has a nice big warning about it. Of course this would have it's flaws such as if only 1 person voted, but I think It could be made to work.

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    Good idea mlip129.

    Maybe if a host gets a number of bad reviews they will be listed in a "hosts to be warned about" section until they get better ratings from users.

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