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    Need a GOOD (reliable/high quality) online webmail (non-IMAP) program.

    My customer needs an "industrial strength" online webmail program for checking pop3 email boxes. (Non-IMAP)

    He is currently using ePostalSystems ( but the hosting company says it's too resource intensive.

    He has 55 employee's that all use the system as their primary email access.. so they're checking email about 5 times a day with this.

    Please don't just say "", because I've checked there, and I am now looking for a good RECOMMENDATION of a proven program.

    They are willing to spend up to $300US. The program must WORK well (not use excessive resources), and LOOK excellent right out of the box.

    Thanks very much.

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    I don't know how easy the install would be, but OpenWebMail might server well in this application. I am not sure how resource intensive it is, either.
    Marty Hoskins

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    Hi folks,

    I really appreciate your input and I don't want to be critical.. but I am looking for only recommendations of TESTED and TRIED programs that you KNOW work well with lots of users.

    The point of my post here is to reduce the number of programs I need to install and "test out". If you simply recommend whatever program you've hear of.. then this doesn't help me out. I have looked at and others and have found many programs like openwebmail, etc.. there's over a hundred of them.

    In other words, I'm not looking for names of programs that exist.. I'm looking for recommendation of programs that YOU are using yourself, or that you've recommended to your customers and that you KNOW work very well with many users.

    Thanks everyone! (I hope this doesn't sound too harsh.. my intention wasn't to slam anyone. I just don't want to filter through a whole bunch of posts that don't really help me any more than the listings at hotscripts do.)

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    In order to get a refined answer you will have to unearth more information yourself.

    You should find out what SMTP server and infrastructure the hosting provider uses (such as sendmail, qmail, postfix etc) and then search through the listserve archives for those MTA's

    Even google will help -- queries like the following will return you something.

    postfix webmail

    qmail webmail


    You will find that this subject has been discussed over and over again on the lists.

    Its pointless to ask about webmail unless you know what the basic facilities are you have to work with. The underlying mail infrastructure may indeed affect what choices you have available. For example, some webmail solutions rely on the "Maildir" format, others do not.

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    The current host uses sendmail..

    The web email program should use a standard POP3 system (not sure about directory structure.. but it's cpanel/WHM)

    I am willing to move to a different host if it is required to run the webmail program.

    I need a very good web mail program, and THEN I'll find a host that it will work with.


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    Check out SqWebmail from

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    We have been using Open WebMail for several months now, on FreeBSD and Slackware Linux servers, both running sendmail. POP3 is qpopper and pop3d. We provide it for our ISP customers, as well as our employees to access email accounts. I don't know if it qualifies as "industrial strength", but we have far more than 55 users accessing it.

    As I recall, the FreeBSD install went off without a hitch. The linux install required some mods to the perl scripts, but nothing major. I'm not sure, but I think Open Webmail was written more specifically for *BSD.

    Once installed and configured, it has been problem free. Like the other post, I don't know how resource intensive it is, but we would not use it if it could not do the job efficiently. It works well, looks good, customers and employees like it, and it is open source.

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    How about IMP which comes with the PLESK PSA Hosting Panel Software? It makes a good and solid impression on me and the fact that Plesk ships it with its PSA must tell something about IMP.

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