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    Thumbs up Big thumbs up for DixieSys

    I do believe I've finally found a low-cost host with quality service.

    I had been looking for a host for a small personal site (mainly for e-mail, but also some hosting).

    The first host I found was I'm sure most of you here know how that turned out.

    Next was While not quite as bad, the downtime started to get a little more prevalent and the empty promises continued to mount, so I bailed out of that one as well.

    About two months ago, I found (courtesy of WHT). This is the type of host that I've been looking for since the beginning. Low cost, ample controls for me, and outstanding support.

    I know that "you get what you pay for" is a big mantra around here, but with Dixiesys, I feel that I get quite a bit more than what I pay for.

    I'd highly recommend them. And it looks like my run of bad luck with hosts has finally ended!

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    Good to hear!

    We see so many horror stories around here, it is good to see a positive comment once in a while that is not trying to sell something!

    I hope they keep you happy!

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