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Thread: Avoiding Fraud

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    Avoiding Fraud


    I have just set up a cc processing account with paysystems (Revecom) and exchanges a few emails regarding my worry regarding fraudulent purchases.

    Up to now I use MultiCards and enter RTA payments myself - I do this to avoid automatic acceptance of fraud cards particularly from Indonesia.

    Aparantly Paysystems can automatically reject RTA's from any country - you just tell them and they set it up for you - great stuff.

    I have requested denial of RTA from Indonesia. Can anyone suggest any other countries to refuse RTA's?

    Also as a matter of interest has anyone received a genuine order from Indonesia? Just curious because I have started to get Indonesia orders and when I follow up with a polite email I never get a response - indicating fraud all the way



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    Not sure that that will help you as Indonesian carders use US addresses so itwould only work if they were checking the Ip addresses.
    All our indonesian frauds pass AVS and card issue country checks.

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