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    do I have the right to ask for a Refund?

    Hello ,

    I am in the process of starting a hosting company and I contracted a Designer for a Design May31 because he showed me a desing I liked. We worked out the details and agreed on a price and he asked me when I could pay . I told him sunday or Monday but not later than monday which I came through on and paid him the full amount . I was promised that this design would be ready within 24hrs at first then later changed 24-48 hrs , I said okay I can be flexable and the design just need a few minor changes.

    Now here it is late thursday after a promise from this designer it would be done last night and ready for me . Guess what Thursday rolls around still no design and I become very concerned, and contact this designer.

    Well I find out he hasn't heard from him in a few days and has no clue what is going on. I request a refund because I feel that for my money I have got nothing to show after 4 days of waiting , when it was promised in 24-48 hours from Monday the day I paid .

    I have got this other guys ICQ who I din't know orginally designed this design and was a 3rd party in the matter. I wanna know If I have the right to ask for a refund ? I have evidence to back up my claims of promises broken and design not delivered within a specific time as promised.

    Apparently this orginal designer had someone else doing the design and he paid him in full the say day I paid him and now feels that he has washed his hands clean of this mess and has no responsablity in the situation.

    When I made the deal with the orginal person not this 3rd party that I didnt even know about til I paid . Cause I was under the impression this other person worked for this design company.

    I will not sling names at this time but I have very hard evidence that my design wasn't delivered per the agreement we made and therefore I feel he has defaulted on his end of the bargain and I deserve a full refund.

    The template was already made and just had to have logo's made and some text edited to fit my needs and it's took almost 5 days to do this ? when I seen a copy of it almost done before I even paid the money.

    All I can say is this person frequents this forum , so do I have the right to ask for a refund or not ?

    Here is what I was sold you be the judge.

    Before it was edited Image No cash paid

    Edited But not Final

    Still no cash paid

    Final after payment was recieved 4 days earlier

    *warning there rather sizeable images*

    Update it seems atleast maybe this 3party is willing to be a stand up guy and refund my money by tuesday , should I trust him or just get mid evil ?

    I am not here to start trouble I just think people should know to be careful about who you deal with.

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    Re: do I have the right to ask for a Refund?

    Originally posted by phantasywork
    Update it seems atleast maybe this 3party is willing to be a stand up guy and refund my money by tuesday , should I trust him or just get mid evil ?
    Give him the benefit of the doubt until Tuesday, IMO.

    Did you have any type of written contract/agreement?? Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    Also, you should not be talking to the 3rd party. Pressure him and let him pressure the 3rd party. If the 3rd party do not work with him, it is not an excuse for him not to work with you. If he hires 3rd party, he should be responsible for the 3rd party. If he has promised the variation, he should get another person to cover it if one did not.

    But as Aussiebob said, maybe give him a little time because it is always good to keep things nice.

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    Well I have Chat Transcripts , emails and the Pay pal Reciept with the terms of the agreement for the design. I talked to a laywer yesterday and he told me with that information , that by him accepting the money it's as good a signature.

    It was all laid out in the recipt for pay pal what the money was for and the terms etc. My biggest gripe is what changed from the edited shot of my layout to the final design presented? IMHO it should have taken almost 5 days for that work and I can't find a single thing changed from the edited (2nd pic) to the final Design.

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    coux , I tried that route but the orginal person I made the deal with wanted to wash his hands clean and blame it all on the 3rd party and when I finally got the info about the thrid party he wanted to blame everything on the orginal party it was a big pass the buck ..I paid the orginal designer not the thrid party so IMHO I believe the ornial designer is the one who should be liable . It's not my bussiness that he contracted this work out and so forth and I was blind to a 3rd party being Involded that I was told doesn't even work for this Company

    If I didnt wanna play nice I would have posted names , all I want is my money back and the guy could easily sale this to someone else . But there has been other suspicion that this design isn't very orginal ethier's a perhaps inspired or even ripped design

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