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    Show WHT Member IPs

    I think this forum would be a lot cleaner if IPs were displayed in the posts. Is there a reason they're not? Would WHT owner or staff comment please; along with anyone with preferences one way or the other?

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    Well it could help to see if someone is posting testemonials for themselves but on the other hand if you think of numerous free proxy's it aint such a big deal to fake the posts.

    I dont have anything against showing IP's ( ok if you have a dedicated IP, someone could possibly attack you, but 80% have firewalls )

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    I remember originally the IPs were messed up here, that could have been the reason they were removed....

    But I think IPs being shown again would of course remove some of the anonimity of the forums but it give more accountablity to the poster.....

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    IPs have been shown and not shown at least once (meaning I can't recall if they were shown/not shown more than once). It was decided that IPs would be hidden, I believe by vote of the members, or at least based on member input to have them hidden.

    Know that when I see a post that looks a bit I always run the IPs and do lookups of the URL to see if the IPs are coming from the same place as the URL, etc. This surely isn't a perfect system, but I have caught quite a few.

    If you see something that looks report it and I'll check up on it. I don't generally remove posts unless I'm sure there's something fishy. I won't ban a member unless I'm 100% sure (there was once where I banned someone and I was 99% ). If it is questionable, it is left and we wait to catch them next time. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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