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Thread: Wusage anyone?

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    Wusage anyone?

    A while back I had a reseller account at OLM and it included wusage ( and liked it very well.

    I have sinced moved to an RSE (esentially my own server for me and my clients, I have root access, etc.) and the basic reporting is in Ensim reporting from the CP and Webstats.

    I'm considering buying wusage for my RSE box. And although it may be expensive ($295 for me and all my clients), I liked it much better than the Ensim + Webstats I have now.

    Has anyone installed this in a web hosting environment? How difficult was it?

    Is there another first rate reporting package I can look at for comparison?

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    We provide Wusage for a $3/month fee (to offset the $300 pricetag). It works like a charm, and was pretty easy to set up. The only thing that is less than ideal about it is that you need a seperate config file for each site receiving the reports. We've talked to the vendor and that should be resolved in the new version, allowing command-line specification of all site-specific directives.

    Upgrades are a breeze, just decompress the package and overwrite the binary.

    One thing we haven't experimented with is the 'ISP Mode' which listens on its own little webserver port, and allows customers to log in and tweak their configs. We're old-school Linux geeks, and generally prefer a command-line interface to a web-based one.
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