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    Low conversion, poor results

    In the last 2 weeks I offered a 15 days free trial promotions to all visitors with a total 60 signup with 1 signup every 30 visitors.
    From these signups only 4 uploaded files, 1 violated our tos.

    I see on these numbers low conversion, can someone tell me some advices to increase the conversion rate and to review my site, and the signup form if there is something wrong?
    Hi spent a large amount of money in the last 6 months on advertising with poor results.


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    Main problem I see

    no credit card required. May cut down on the sign up rate but if someone is not serious enough to give a credit card number they are just playing, and why not they have nothing to lose. Good way to open yourself up to spammers also they sign up with nothing and spam spam then close shop and leave.


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    I agree with Monte...I was playing with the idea of Risk free trial until I remembered in my youth how many subscriptions to magazines that I signed up for an did not keep after the trial was up. Besides, serious business does not do Free Trials. They like security, and expect to pay for good service mostly. You are catering to consumers (which is cool) with Free Trials, but most people have difficulty justifying paying an extra 10$/month to upgrade to DSL or Cable...many would not be willing to actually pay cash for a personal website when the trial is over.

    Free trials are like that, lots of signups - few sales. Most serious people would be more impressed with a MoneyBack guarantee if you had the terms clearly stated on when and how you would offer money back.

    As the popular saying goes, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

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    I think in general offering a free trial is something that will hurt your image more than anything else. Pricing can become a part of your image. If you are relatively unknown in the industry, I think a free trial will only hurt your image and cause people to think lightly of you. I would recommend charging your clients from the beginning and using some form of advertising to bring them to your site.

    The website itself looks good, although you need to ask who you are targeting. It seems as if you are targeting the more technically inclined person. I get that just from the actual design elements in the page. However, more technically inclined people will want to know the specs that you are detail. You have no plan details page (that I could find easily) and what you do have on the front page is a little hard to read.

    I would do one of two things. Either make the site more complete by adding a control panel demo, lots of information on your technology, and other facts for the potential buyer, or I would change the look and feel of the page to be very simple...for the simple client.

    If you want more help with this, please let me know.

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