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    Merchant Account, Next Step

    Hello All

    I had a question

    I wanna start using my Merchant Account instead of ReveCom

    is there any quick to use solution i can use for UNIX / PHP / MySQL

    Something like only for unix instead of NT?

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    well you will need to ask you merchant provider if they support direct API for cc processing. Then you can incorporate this in your shopping cart and there you go... real time CC processing directly from your web site..

    who does provide your merchant account?

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    It's all about the Coupons and the Coupon Codes

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    Look into some of the free shopping cart scripts that support Some that come to mind are osCommerce, Interchange. I am sure there are other free ones. X-Cart is also good, but I believe it is about $80.
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    yes right - authorizenet provides real-time API gateway. You can easily write your own custom script that will transparently connect to their gateway, feed it with CC data and wait for the response )

    ps. or you can always download/buy authorizenet supported shopping cart @

    http://www.authorizenet.!com/alliances/carts.php (please remove ! before com if you are trying to access that URL - thank you)

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    what about any Quick Sale Type Deals?

    Like not a shopping cart, but just an order form that is easily customizable. Free or Ones you have to pay for, do you know of any?

    It's all about the Coupons and the Coupon Codes

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    Authorizenet also supports hosted payment gateway (I mean where user can go and pay over www browser)... you should check out their web support site or give them a call )

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