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    Question got some free time? ... need a review

    if u have free time can u help me out by telling me what u like and what sucks about some web designs ... i am kinda new to this ... thanks a bunch ... don't worry about the content on any of these...

    one of them is just a template i found

    <i am trying to end this post , gonna fix somethings but i cant delete the thread for some reason>

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    Before, I begin... Great to meet you... Seen your stuff around and would be willing to do some coding for you if you want (HTML/Flash/PHP/MySQL)....

    I prefer 3-5 with the menu bar option....

    Small problem w/ option 4. I'm fairly sure that the graphic is an AOL copyrighted image. Actually... It's linked from their site.

    Well none the less... The tabular and DHTML Menu really make the site better.

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    thanks Studio64 .... i am trying to put some people together to work on the site ... i'll drop u an email when i get around to it to see if you are still interested ... should be in a couple weeks since i am in school till then ... thanks for the feedback also

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    Sounds good

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    Of the choices, I like design two the best.

    1) Red on black is bad. It makes me think I'm about to see a snuff video linked from your site or something.

    2) Design two looks the most useful. It could use some cleaning and enhancement, but that one looks like it's on the best track.

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    hmm i see your using the AOL Instant Messenger logo.

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    ok , yeah ... that is probably a bad idea to use the AIM logo ... so i am gonna work on getting it out of everything ...

    thanks for all the feedback again...

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    does anyone know a good ball park figure on how much it would cost me to get a decent template and logo made for a site like this? ....

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    you could pay a newbie like $50. or someone who knows what they are doing more.

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