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    * How do you find M6.NET support ?

    Hi everybody,

    I dont think if I was unlucky or if support is really bad (because of untrained people). Since yesterday, my website is unusable, seems we have an sql error. I send 3 critical support query : they answered three times the site was working fine. I donkt know if i'm speaking too bad english, but when you check the url, you can see that there is a problem. And when i attach the error msg wich say there is a login sql problem, i think it's enough clear. For the moment i'm very very unhappy of their support. W8&C. I keep you in touch.


    PS : our site was launched on Monday, you can imagine how angry i can be.... (dont click on the url, we received already hundred and hundred error message)
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    Get a new host

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    Any advice ?

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    Maybe ask them to move you to another server IF you want to stay with them

    Post in hosting requests IF you want a new host

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    Site unusable.... They fixed one of the SQL pb , but i think they didnt have recreate the account... Our login fails.... I'm tired with writing support query...

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    finally fixed... It seems there is an unqualified personn. I wrote to an other member of the support query and the problem was finally fixed in a few minutes. And he answered us very quickly.


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