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    Guess this host and I'll win a prize

    I'm in the search for a new host. I've narrowed it down to a short list. However, there's one host that keeps coming back to me. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure. Much of what I've seen about them screams "No" but one, very desirable thing screams "Yes". That thing is incredibly amazingly fast speed. Though I don't see much posted about them, their incredible speed leaves me wondering if maybe they haven't been overlooked but, rather, some of you are using this host and haven't posted good things about them because you want to keep this speed to yourselves.

    So, here's the game. If you can guess who I'm talking about because you host with them, be a nice soul and send me a PM with the name of the host. I'll keep your secret. If you confirm in your PM that their speed really is as good as it seems, I'll probably host with them. But in the interest of keeping their speed as good as it currently is, I won't share the info with the rest of the forum.

    So, here are the clues:

    1) Amazingly fast speed. I know this because they list several sample sites on their web site. Some of them have Flash. They all load faster than any site I've ever seen load on my browser (practically instant screen painting via my cable modem).
    2) They offer a plan at about $10/month with over 100MB of storage, 5GB transfer, though they claim to be forgiving if you go over it occasionally, and a MySQL DB included (yes, I'm being a bit vague here).
    3) They're rarely mentioned here (at least lately) and don't seem to have a rep on the forums.
    4) They don't have a forum of their own (at least not one they've made known to perspective customers).
    5) While not public knowledge on their web site. From what I've gathered, they seem to have several servers (seems like over 10).

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