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    Running a News Server

    I have a dedicated server, and I am quite interested in setting up a private nntp server.

    I understand that running a news server sucks up a load of bandwidth and hard disk space. Thats ok- i have lots to spare, and I am only interested in a few newsgroups.

    What sort of cost would be associated with doing this, and what do i have to do to do it. Or, in more straight forward terms- What steps would i have to take to get this up and running?

    thanks for any help

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    usually if you rent a leased line access form your upstream (UUNET, Sprint etc) - they provide a free news feed service to your news server. From there, you can limit newsgroup directories you need to save resources (e.g. disk space, bandwidth etc). If you are on a dedicated server rented from a hosting company - they may provide newsfeed for your server but I am sure there are additional costs, since they usually don't have their own news server and their (hosting company) upstream will not directly feed your news server......

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    I'm currently at exodus, and I can't find any info as to whether they can supply news services.

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    call your sales rep or ask their support - I didnt find any news feed service at their website..

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