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    My new game website. Please check

    This is my new game website.
    This website is not finish yet, but please make some comments. Thanks.

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    It looks okay, however, I think it could use a "face-lift."

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    I dont understand..

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    I meant to say that your structure is pretty good, however, you may be able to improve your design.

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    I think you need to add few more images.. You have a basic site right now In my opinion..
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    Thumbs up Pretty nice

    The site is nice, but as they said, a few more pics to finish it off...

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    Not too bad for a game site.

    But what's with the ebay banners? They take up 50% of your main section...maybe they could be placed somewhere else...or just one banner and more content...i dunno...too much space used by banners.
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    What are you trying to do with the navigation? Are you trying to provide an easy way to get different places in your site, or are you showing off screenshots for WC3? Your backgrounds need to be much more subdued as they distract from the important bits (ie: content). Maybe switch the background images to a monotone, as monotones tend to work better as backgrounds and make text stand out.

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    You might want to switch the positions of the Warcraft3 to the right and make your Url Logo more visible.

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