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    UK Reselling - USD or GBP


    I would be interested to hear from UK based resellers.

    Do you think it is better to advertise and charge for hosting services, etc in $ USD or GBP? Or doesn't it really matter

    I would really be interested to know


    PS Would set up a poll for this but haven't figured out how to do it!

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    well we use both, GBP is our main price but we also have the price in USD and are even thinking of having it in soon.
    However all of our customers pay in GBP, even the american customers we have dont seem to mind.

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    We advertise prices in UK Streling on our site, however, upon checkout, our clients have an option to choose between UK Streling and US Dollars. ( Also worth remembering that any orders outside the UK/ EU, no VAT is applicable)

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