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Thread: Installing SSL

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    Installing SSL

    I'm a newbie to this kind of hosting - I previously used (similar to Geocities) - and my host has SSL installed.

    Could someone tell me how to set up SSL on my site? I checked port 443, and it exists, so I know that SSL is working. I just don't know how to get it so that someone could access my site or a directory or even subdomain securely, using https://...


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    The usual method as follows

    (Where is the address as per the ssl cert - your host will tell you this address and ~user is your user name for your account)

    If you get your own ssl cert, just use can be any subdomain for your main domain you choose - your cert is configured with that address.
    You need to complete a CSR - again your host will help with that.

    Hope that gives insight :-)

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