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    * A Request (of sorts)

    We know that many of the WHT forum users are merchant of

    You may or may not know that 2CO recently started it's own forum. My request is that on Saturday, June 8, some of our more knowledgable merchants monitor the forums on behalf of our tech support staff and help out some of the newbies with their integration questions and general questions to which you may have the answers.

    The 2CO Summer Cookout is Saturday and while we will be staffing a skeleton crew (poor guys!) the forums are likely to suffer the most neglect.

    If you elect to do this on our behalf I only request that your forum signature include your 2CO Seller ID# and/or an email addy that'll let me figure out who you are at a later date and time.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kristin Dach
    Support Services

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    You might want to put this in the related offers and requests forum....

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