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    Exclamation from them!

    i signed up for an account with becuz they offered multiple sites on one account
    they only offered yearly hosting packages
    i'm guessing becuz after one month you wouldn't want to stay with them
    my sites were down 30% of the time
    the only reason i agreed to pay for a full year
    was becuz i talked to a sales rep on the messenger on their site
    and he assured me that they had 30day money back gaurantee
    (i saved the conversation for backup)

    it took about 4 days for them to setup my account the right way
    becuz the support staff was literally clueless
    then when it was up
    i set up my first site
    designed it
    then it wen down
    and stayed down

    after day 9 i requested a refund
    that was a week ago
    my emails are now being ignored

    how do i get my refund back?

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    Call your credit card company and request a chargeback?

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