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    Know a Reliable Host who allows multiple sites per account

    i have about 30 websites
    most of them i just want to be a one page entrance to main sites
    others will be built into sites
    i don't want to set up 20 different accounts
    i want one account to run them all

    i'm currently with they have this feature
    but they ****ing suck ass

    can anyone recommend another host that allows this
    and has good uptime and mysql servers

    thank you

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    It might help you if you placed some more information regarding your requirements.

    Additionally, if you were to place this in the offers and requests forum you would get more responses; however, I do see how this could not be a request.
    Joel Strellner

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    i'm still new around here

    didn't notice there was a requests forum
    i'll try that

    thank you

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    check out best in the industry for multi-hosting
    -:::Vortex Interactive Studios:::-
    [email protected]

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