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    Exclamation Is my router broken?

    Hey guys. I currently have a router that can split the connection to 4 PCs. About a week or so ago, all the ports were working fine.

    Yesterday, I took out the ethernet cable from Port 3 (It was a 5m one) and changed it with a 50m one because we were setting up another computer at another room.

    Well, since then, Port 3 has been working up.

    Port 1 (mine), Port 2 (bro's), Port 4 (internet phone) works fine and is going at full speed of 100mbps. But for Port 3, if I run it at full 100mbps, the computer can't even connect to the router. If I put it at half 10mbps, then it at least connects. If the cable is short, the internet's great, if I try out the 50m one, it starts to lag up a bit.

    I know that the 50m one works for sure because I connected it to Port 1, 2, and 4 and it works fine. It seems like there's a possible problem with Port 3?

    I allow the computer so that the DHCP thing is turned on (retrieving IPs automatically and such), but it seems like it can't retrieve it.

    Help would be appreciated.


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    What kind of router are we talking about here? It could be a problem physically with the port; have you checked that it looks the same inside as the rest?
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    Did it run at 100mbit before just fine?

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    If its a crappy cable you will run into issues at 50 metres but that doesn't explain why just that port would.

    Have you tried switching it on and off again?


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    I've tried restarting it and no luck.

    Tailseh, yes it did run fine before. From the way it looks, it looks fine like the other three.

    I doubt it's the computer setting because it doesn't work on all the labtops.

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    Hi There, Have you tried resetting the router to factory defaults by using the reset button? If not be sure to read the manufacturers instructions for a factory reset.

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    make sure nothing heavy is sitting on the wire

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