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    Is this the best reseller plan available?

    Unbranded DNS Servers
    Unbranded IP address
    Plesk Control Panel
    Email Forwarding
    Pop and Webmail Access
    MySQL Databases
    Frontpage Extenstions
    PHP and Perl Scripting
    Passworded Directories
    800Mb space
    12Gb BW
    10 sites
    $10 a month
    I havent seen a better reseller package than this, i dont want to say the host name because i dont want to get it moved to the advirtising category.
    The support is good too.
    Anyone know of a better plan?I dont think there is within this price range.

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    hmmmm, does that mean 10 sites are going to share 12 gigs of BW?
    Heck one site could use that.
    btw, pass word protected dirs aren't anything special. I wonder why people say that is a feature? (to fill space?)

    What are you going for anyway, the cheapest or the best?

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    There are very few companies that are going to provide you with both good and cheap hosting. As ATST mentioned I think that plan is not worth it because the transfer is so low.. I think that 2 or 3 sites might fill that bandwidth up.
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    Rank your reseller provider

    just like you were going to host your most mission critical site with them. What is their uptime, how is the support, what kind of servers, what data center, how redundant is the network.

    I am still amazed at the number of people that think buying a reseller plan is like buying a low cost hosting plan.
    I have been a reseller and a provider and let me tell you there is nothing in the world more fustrating than having 20 or 30 customers scream at you cause the server is down and you have no idea why, what is going on how long it will be down and cannot do a thing to fix it.

    If you are serious about reselling then be serious about who your going to resell for. Look around there are plenty of good providers, MCHost, Splashhost, Voxterme, etc. Do a search on the board here. check their stats at it has the uptime for 3 months on most hosting companies.

    Is that the best? I have no idea who they are so I cannot answer that question, all I can tell you is do not make the mistake of shopping on price alone, that can kill your company before you ever get started.


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    Do you mean branded or unbranded? Because I'm sure none of our resellers would want to use and They all have their own branded name servers.
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