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    For Hire

    I am looking for a job as a sales representative or a support representative. I have vast knowledge of php, asp, perl, cgi, mysql, flash, 3D Studio Max, java, and javascript. Pay can be hosting or money (doesn't matter to me).

    If anybody is looking for graphics, html design, 3D Movie Design, Flash Design or anything with some sort of programming then please do not hesistate to PM us. We negotiate our prices unlike other people.

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    We are interested in talking to you but we tried to go to your Home page to look at your work but it would not resolve?

    Get with us and lets talk.


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    you may also go to who I am currently working for with their layout to see an example of my work.

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    Hey quick note look at the last paragraph on the site "Our Frozenbell Site Design is fully complete. Our hosting plans our up"

    Should be ARE UP

    Just thought you might want to fix really quick.


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    -Our Frozenbell Site Design is fully complete. Our hosting plans are up and fully functioning to give you the quality and support that you, as a customer, need.

    Looks like they fixed it.

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