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    * ImPi**ed off are you?

    I wish I had found WHT sooner, I woud still have some hair left, hair that wasnt grey at least.

    I have just spent the last four months being frustrated by ImHosted. have you?

    Their customer service is the pits. They make simple problems turn into major dramas.

    go to sleep site is fine,
    wake up log on site is dead.
    customer support
    send friendly email---site is down, fine 8 hrs ago, I havent made any changes, please fix.

    2hrs later reply---> I was unable to access your site please change your name servers to blah blah

    I reply-----> ummm ns were fine eight hours ago I dont think that is the prob

    1hr later reply---> please make sure the IPs to your ns are correct.

    I reply---> rather more sternly WTF are you guys on. hello my settings are fine rant rant rant (and yes I did check the first time)

    2hrs later reply--->sorry for the confusion site is up now.

    this is just one example I have saved all my emails from them and am going to publish a training manual on how not to provide customer service. Thier tone is always condesending and the problem is never on thier part. I have a total of about 15 of these sagas saved most are longer then the one above. And the more recent ones get a little more heated on my part.

    Anyway the straw that broke the camels back,

    signup for their shared SSL


    hello Why doesnt my SSL work

    just use these settings blah blah

    hello It doesnt work

    3 hrs later

    "I am sorry, but our secure certificate has expired we have contacted the department concerned regarding this. It will be renewed soon. Please wait for sometime"

    Please wait for sometime not anymore!

    I thought these guys were supposed to be a big reputable company.

    This has totally put me off even contemplating a new host. Time to throw in the towel for a while.

    ImHosted----------->not any more you guys suck

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    Im with imhosted, sign up last month.. there downtime was like 10-20 every day atleast for 1 week. I wanted to cancel but now its been 7days and no down time, i think they on there feet again.

    Just hope it stays.

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    any one else on these forums that has hosting with imhosted?

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    Angry ImHosted Problems

    I have had a terrible experience with Imhosted this week. I registered a new domain and signed up for a hosting account last Friday. My domain still does not show up as registered in any WHOIS listings, and obviously my domain and email won't work. I have opened support tickets, sent emails, sent emails to their general inquiry account, tried to contact them via Yahoo Messenger (no one online), and I have yet to receive a single response from anyone there! So much for 24/7 support - there is no support at all! I just want to know if my domain got registered or if I should just go ahead and register it again someplace else???

    -Very PO-ed at ImHosted!

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    I'm sorry you are having all of those problems with; and hate that you didn't not find Webhosting Talk sooner. I just posted my experience with them last month.

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