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    Who is the best eNom reseller now?

    In term of price? I don't want anyone who will hijack my domain if I want to transfer it out later. I only need to register one domain. I have it with TotalNIC now. Can anyone tell me how to transfer the domain out of TotalNIC and sign it up with an eNOM?

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    Well... and are good ones.

    In their web pages you'll find a link to transfer your domains to them. Follow their instructions, and that's all!

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    Do a search on this forum for totalnic. You may find disapointing results. Totalnic are notorious for holding onto domains

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    I've been trying to transfer a name out from totalnic for some time now, but those flarking bastages are like a viral infection *grrrr*. I've managed to get one domain out of CORE and into their ICANN side, now trying to get it completely out of their evil clutches. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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