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    * How is my site?

    Can anyone give some advice on my site? Here are two links. is the free page which I try to have many users to use my service as possible, then I will ask them to register after 10 trys. will be the page for registered users. Do you think you will pay for my service? Is my site easy enough to use?

    Use the username demo and password demo to log in when you are asked for password in the member area.

    Thanks alot.

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    IMO, the design seems too plain. - Especially when compared to some of the other job search sites out there.

    Maybe you could jazz it up a bit?

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    Very Plain...very very plain.

    But actually plain might be good for what you are doing...but not that plain. Need something more!
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    Your site has no real stucture to it, you need to sit down and first create a layout on paper as to how you want your site to look.

    Take for instance your nav, you need some better organization there, use the top of the page for the links that you are not trying to sell/promote/push example your home, about us, log in and help links. Then somewhere else I would go for the left side, place the links that you are trying to push/promote example your how it works, successful cases, ad with us, etc... Now you have some navigation structure to your site.

    Next you need to provide some sort of content for the uer to see who you are and what your purpose is for being on the web. Use some teasers that lead to other portions of your site, example place some content on your homepage teasing the user as to how your site works and then add a "more" link that leads to the "how it works" page. Do the same for about us section. USers need some information in order to spark their curiosity factor and make them want to stay on your site.

    Seeing as how you are a job search page, you really need to do some reorg on your site in order to compete with the likes of, etc.

    Your logo could use a serious make over, the image is rough around the edges and I don't remember when the last was I saw an animated logo without it being a flash logo. -- coming soon to an internet near you...

    Oklahoma Sooners all the way baby!!

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    BORING there is nothing there that has any is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo plain...

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